125th plenary meeting of the Scientific Board of the IBCH PAS

The 125th plenary meeting of the Scientific Board of the IBCH PAS took place on Wednesday, September 29. It began with the ceremonial presentation of the habilitation diploma to Dr. hab. Miłosz Ruszkowski. Then, the Board positively recommended the application of Dr. hab. Marzena Wojciechowska for the position of head of a department in the field of molecular biomedicine as well as the proposal to start a call for a manager of a new department in the field of molecular bioimaging by mass spectrometry. The Board awarded the doctoral degree to MSc. Kalina Wiatr (summa cum laude) and appointed reviewers for the doctoral dissertation of MSc. Joanna Tracz. The Board also decided to appoint and change supervisors in 5 doctoral dissertations, and to change the discipline in two doctoral dissertations – from chemical sciences to biological sciences. The Board also gave a positive opinion on 3 applications for scientific scholarships of the President of the Polish Academy of Sciences for PhD students.

After a short break, the open part of the meeting began, during which Dr. Łukasz Jaremko presented his scientific achievement entitled “The development of methods and the use of 15N nuclear magnetic relaxation to study the dynamics of biological macromolecules”, on the basis of which he intends to apply for a habilitation degree at ICHB PAN.

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