Another Scientists’ Night is ahead of us!

The next edition of the Scientists’ Night will take place on September 24. Traditionally, the consortium of Poznań universities and research centers prepares a lot of interesting events. As always, we ensure that everyone will find something for themselves and will not be bored. The more that the program is directed to everyone, regardless of age.

The Scientists’ Night is an event during which you can come across the seemingly difficult and inaccessible world of science in an unusual and interesting way. The slogan of this year’s edition is “SOS for Earth”. In turn, the main motto of the event in 2021 will be “Hope in science”. Researchers will try to show in an interesting way how science and scientists can save the planet. It is also intended to encourage young people in particular to reflect and look at science as a source of strength, great opportunities and great hope for the future. You will be able to see for yourself how exciting and interesting seemingly complicated issues can be. Researchers, as usual, will try to infect others with their passion and show that you can strive to become the hero of today’s world not only with strength, but also with your mind.

This year, the Researchers’ Night will be online again. All attractions will be available this Friday at

More details will be known soon. We encourage you to visit our website and profile on FB. See you at Scientists’ Night 2021!

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