Department of Bioinformatics

prof. dr hab. inż. Jacek Błażewicz

Prof. Jacek Błażewicz

Head of Department
Phone: ​61 6653100


Prof. Piotr Formanowicz  professor

Dr. Karol Kamel
assistant professor

Research Projects

Research area
  • Modeling computational biology problems
  • Development and implementation of new algorithms for solving examined biological problems
  • Construction of tools for analysis of experimental biochemical and biophysical data
  • Prediction of tertiary structure of proteins
  • Analysis of microarray experimental data
  • Construction of models and algorithms supporting DNA sequencing process in its several phases:
  • Analysis and processing of data from sequencers, e.g. study of a new pipeline for the analysis of sequencing data derived from Illumina sequencer
  • Assembly
  • Sequence alignment
  • DNA mapping
  • Methods for alternative splicing of maize
  • Development and implementation of specialized tools as well as widely used computational servers for prediction and comprehensive analysis of 3D RNA structure
  • Creating algorithms for analysis and design of nucleotide sequences based on graph theory
  • Modeling and analysis of complex biological systems using Petri nets theory, e.g., iron homeostasis in human organism, creation and development of atherosclerosis
  • Study of the RNA degradation proces
  • DNA computing
  • Modeling and simulations of early replicator systems
  • Analysis of data from mass spectrometers
  • Our algorithms and tools are publicly available at Bioserver (, RNApolis (, and the RNA-Puzzles toolkit page (
  • Structural and functional analysis of RNAs and proteins
  • High-throughput sequencing
  • Comparative modeling
  • Systems biology
  • Algorithms for spectrometry data analysis
  • Analysis and design of nucleotide sequences

Projekty badawcze

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