Department of Chemistry of Nucleic Acid Components

dr hab. Michał Sobkowski

Dr. habil. Michał Sobkowski

Head of Department
ext. ​1182


Dr. habil. Tomasz Ostrowski
profesor instytutu

Dr. Dagmara Baraniak

Dr. Joanna Romanowska

Justyna Gołębiewska MSc

Research Projects

Research area

Chemistry of nucleotides

  • basic research on the methods of synthesis, chemical and physicochemical properties of H-phosphonates with particular emphasis on nucleoside H-phosphonates and their analogues
  • design and synthesis of new nucleotide compounds (e.g., pronucleotides) with potential antiviral (e.g., anti-HIV) or anti-tumor activity
  • studies on metabolic pathways of pronucleotides in various chemical and physiological environments
  • chemistry and stereochemistry of P-chiral nucleotide analogues
  • intramolecular catalysis in the stereospecific synthesis of internucleotide bonds

Chemistry of nucleosides

  • search for new approaches towards synthesis of nucleobases and nucleosides (controlled degradation, rearrangements)
  • synthesis and characterization of nucleoside analogues of potential biological activity, mainly ring analogs of pyrimidine and purine, 7-regioiomers of purine nucleosides, acyclonucleosides, 2’-C-alkylribofuranosides, and analogs od dinucleoside monophosphates, in which internucleotide bond has been replaced with triazole moiety
  • synthesis and biological activity of analogs of dinucleoside monophosphates, in which internucleotide bond has been replaced with 1,2,3-triazole moiety
  • study on the mechanism and applications of transglycosylation reactions
  • bioorganic chemistry,
  • organophosphorus chemistry,
  • stereochemistry,
  • reaction mechanisms,
  • nucleosides,
  • nucleotides,
  • nucleoside analogues,
  • nucleotide analogues,
  • nucleoside synthesis,
  • pronucleosides,
  • pronucleotides,
  • oligonucleotides,
  • nucleic acids,
  • acyclic nucleosides,
  • 1,2,3-triazole nucleosides,
  • antiviral activity,
  • anticancer activity,
  • enzyme-substrate interactions,
  • transglycosylation,
  • anti-HIV pronucleotides,
  • anti-cancer pronucleotides,
  • H-phosphonates,
  • phosphorus stereochemistry

Research activity

  • Chemical architecture of fluorinated nucleoside dimers containing 1,2,3-triazole linker of potential use in molecular biology and medicine. SONATA 15 (2019/35/D/NZ7/03637), PI: Dagmara Baraniak, PhD
  • Exploring second generation of nucleotide analogues containing phosphoranesulfen- or phosphoraneselenamides as new structural motives. PRELUDIUM 16 (2018/31/N/ST5/03589), PI: Justyna Gołębiewska, MSc
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