Department of Genome Engineering

dr hab. Marta Olejniczak

Dr. habil. Marta Olejniczak

Head of Department
ext. 1136


Dr. Paweł Śledziński

Magdalena Dąbrowska MSc

Research Projects

Research area

Research in the Department of Genome Engineering is currently focused on three major areas:

  • Development of genome editing technologies and methods for assessing its effectiveness and specificity
  • The use of genome editing technology to establish disease models and in cell and pre-clinical therapy of genetic diseases
  • The use of genetic tools in experimental therapy for polyglutamine diseases
  • genome editing,
  • CRISPR/Cas9,
  • Cpf1,
  • genetic therapy,
  • RNA interference,
  • miRNA,
  • Huntington’s disease

Research activity

  • Generation of a new cellular model based on the CRISPR-Cas technology (enChIP) to study mechanisms of DNA repair in microsatellite regions - MINIATURA 5
  • NCN, SONATA BIS - The use of genetic tools in the experimental therapy of polyglutamine diseases
  • NCN, OPUS - Investigation of DNA double-strand break repair mechanisms in microsatellite regions using the CRISPR-Cas9 system
  • NCN, PRELUDIUM BIS - Allele-selective therapy for polyglutamine diseases with the use of RNA interference technology
  • NCN, ETIUDA – The use of genome editing systems in experimental therapy for polyglutamine disorders
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