Department of Plant Genomics

dr hab. Kamilla Bąkowska-Żywicka

dr habil. Agnieszka Żmieńko

Head of Department
Phone: 61 6653100

Research Projects

Research area

The aim of our research is to better understand the structure of plant genomes, its variability and the relationship between the genotype and phenotype. In particular, we are interested in:

  • repeat sequences in the Arabidopsis thaliana genome (copy number variations, CNV, transposons, microsatellite repeats) and the mechanisms involved in their formation. We have created a web viewer of Arabidopsis thaliana gene copy number variations available at 
  • links between CNV and variation in response to biotic and abiotic stressors
  • the role of non-coding RNA metabolism in maintaining genome stability
  • impact of epigenetic mechanisms on gene expression
  • structural variability of symbiotic islands in Medicago truncatula genome and its potential impact on interactions with nitrogen-fixing bacteria
  • structural variation
  • genetic polymorphism
  • GWAS
  • transposons
  • biotic and abiotic stress
  • epigenetics


  • Contribution of gene copy number polymorphism to the natural diversity of biotic stress responses among Arabidopsis thaliana ecotypes. NCN SONATA 2017/26/D/NZ2/01079
  • Variation in the MSH2 gene copy number in Arabidopsis thaliana - the structure of duplication, the extent of polymorphism among natural ecotypes and the impact on the expression of genes involved in DNA mismatch repair pathways. NCN MINIATURA 2017/01/X/NZ2/00144
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