Department of Plant Molecular Physiology

Prof. Michał Jasiński

Prof. Michał Jasiński

Head of Department
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Dr. Joanna Banasiak

Dr. Wanda Biała-Leonhard

Research Projects

Research area

ATP-binding cassette (ABC) proteins are ubiquitously found in prokaryotes and eukaryotes and mostly serve as membrane-intrinsic primary active pumps that consume ATP for their action. Due to the sessile and terrestrial lifestyle, huge chemodiversity, as well as the ability for post-embryogenetic development, ABC family is highly expanded in plants in comparison to other organisms. To date, the largest number of functionally characterized ABC proteins is from Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana). However, it is worth emphasizing that less than one-third of the transporters present in this canonical model plant have been characterized, and even so not always endogenous molecules translocated by them have been identified. Thus functional characterization of this fascinating proteins is still a hard task and represents even bigger challenge in crops. By using functional genomics tools, in combination with reverse genetics screenings, we try to decipher role of ABC transporters and especially that from ABCG subfamily in legume biology. We use Medicago truncatula as a model for our research and focus on transport of specialized metabolites as well as phytohormones. Our interest is to understand how ABC transporters can by distribution of those molecules modulate interaction of this plant with environment.   

  • ABC transporters,
  • biochemistry,
  • natural products,
  • model plants,
  • legumes,
  • symbioses,
  • Medicago truncatula,
  • in vitro culture,
  • Genetic engineering,
  • biotechnology

Research activity

  • Relationship between ATPase activity stimulation and transport - the case of selective Medicago truncatula ABCG transporter.
    2021/41/N/NZ1/04030 (NCN PRELUDIUM 20)
  • Production of the MtABCG46 protein in a heterologous system - preparation for structural analysis. 2021/05/X/NZ1/00255 (NCN MINIATURA 5)
  • Molecular basis of the selective transport fulfieled by plant ABCG 2017/27/B/NZ1/01090 proteins (NSC OPUS)
  • The role of membrane transporters in the cytokinin signalling upon Legume - Rhizobia Symbiosis. NSC – OPUS 10
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