Department of Ribonucleoprotein Biochemistry

Dr. habil. Anna Kurzyńska-Kokorniak, associate professor

Head of Department
ext. 1264


Dr . Kamil Szpotkowski

Research Projects

Research area
  • the role of RNA/ DNA in the activity and functions of nucleic acid binding proteins,
  • mechanisms involved in the regulation of gene expression,
  • ribonuclease Dicer variants (gene, transcript, protein),
  • endogenous factors regulating activity of ribonuclease Dicer,
  • designing and testing of inhibitors against Dicer-type ribonucleases,
  • the activity of Dicer-type ribonucleases in the context of viral infections, viral miRNAs,
  • unknown areas of activity of Dicer-type ribonucleases: ribonuclease Dicer as a nucleic acid chaperone,
  • diseases linked to malfunction of Dicer.
  • nucleic acid binding proteins,
  • Dicer-type ribonucleases,
  • regulatory RNAs,
  • RNA-protein interactions, DNA-protein interactions,
  • regulation of activity of Dicer-type ribonucleases,
  • regulation of gene expression.

Research activity

Unknown areas of activity of human ribonuclease Dicer. NSC – SONATA BIS 6

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