Department of RNA Biochemistry

Prof. Jerzy Ciesiołka

Head of Department:
ext. 1198


Dr. habil. Jan Wrzesiński associate professor

Dr. habil. Mariola Dutkiewicz adiunkt

Dr. habil. Agata Świątkowska

Joanna Szpotkowska MSc

Research Projects

Research area

Structural and functional analysis of sequence variants of the 5' non-coding region of p53 mRNA: characterization of the structure of this region and its role in the translation process; elucidating the role of different p53 protein isoforms synthesized in the cell; identification and characterization of proteins interacting with the 5' non-coding region of p53 mRNA.

Coxsackie B3 virus research: searching for highly conserved RNA structural elements in the CVB3 virus genome and their structural and functional analysis; development of a rational strategy for attacking viral RNA using oligonucleotide tools; virus-cell interactions.

Application of embryonic and mature kidney cells as a model of cultured human stem cells to understand the different stages of development of this organ: analysis of the expression of non-coding RNAs using new sequencing methods; characterization of the interaction of various molecules with long non-coding RNAs in human cells.

  • mRNA,
  • p53,
  • non-coding RNA region,
  • UTR,
  • translation regulation,
  • IRES-dependent translation,
  • coxsackievirus B3,
  • CVB-3,
  • antisense oligonucleotides,
  • siRNA,
  • renal cells,
  • non-coding RNA,
  • cellular interactions of non-coding RNAs

Research activity

  • The role of protein factors that bind to the 5' non-coding region of human p53 mRNA in regulation of p53 expression at the translational level. NSC – OPUS 11
  • Impact of noncoding RNAs on renal cell development and carcinogenesis. NSC – OPUS 11
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