Department of Structural Bioinformatics

prof. dr hab. inż. Marta Szachniuk

Prof. Marta Szachniuk, associate professor

Head of Department
Phone: ​​61 6653030


Dr. Marcin Radom

Dr. habil Maciej Antczak adiunkt

Research Projects

Research area
  • Molecular structures and macromolecule interactions, with particular reference to RNA and RNA-protein interactions.
  • Characterization of new bioinformatics issues related to study of biomolecule structures and their solution by means of new theoretical models definition and computational methods development.
  • Performing in silico experiments, optionally supported by biological and chemical experiments.
  • Development of the concept of virtual RNA bioinformatics laboratory and its implementation in RNApolis platform (
  • Development of computational systems addressing current problems of structural biology, i.a., RNA FRABASE, RNAComposer, RNApdbee, RNAvista, RNAtango.
  • Modeling of RNA secondary and tertiary structure
  • Refinement of coarse-grained RNA 3D structure
  • Analysis of macromolecular structure in torsion angle space
  • Annotation and classification of pseudoknots
  • models and algorithms for structure biology,
  • structure databases,
  • analysis of macromolecule structure parameters,
  • computational prediction of molecule structures,
  • 3D model comparison and similarity assessment

Research activity

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