Department of Structural Chemistry and Biology of Nucleic Acids

prof. dr hab. Ryszard Kierzek

Prof. Ryszard Kierzek

Head of Department
ext.​ 1143, 1113


Dr. Agnieszka Ruszkowska

Research Projects

Research area
  • allele-specific degradation of pathogenic RNA with antisense oligonucleotides forming non-helical motifs with target RNA,
  • allele-specific degradation of pathogenic RNA with tandem antisense oligonucleotides,
  • modulation of RNA alternative splicing,
  • structure and thermodynamics of RNA multinucleotide repeats,
  • structure and functions of RNAs with conformational fixed nucleic acids,
  • structure of RNA fragments composed of CGG, AGG and UGG trinucleotide repeats,
  • conformation of bulged RNA duplexes,
  • structural characterization of LNA-2'-O-MeRNA/RNA and 2'-O-MeRNA/RNA duplexes,
  • posttranscriptional RNA folding.
  • virus-host interactions
  • inhibitors of viral replication cycle
  • structure and potential function of G-rich RNA from the influenza virus genome
  • structure, dynamic and function of nucleic acids,
  • modified oligonucleotides,
  • thermodynamics of nucleic acids,
  • posttranscriptional RNA folding,
  • antisense oligonucleotides,
  • alternative splicing,
  • oligonucleotide microarrays,
  • microarray mapping,
  • conformational fixed nucleic acids,
  • retroviral RNA,
  • retrotransposons,
  • RNA therapeutics,
  • chemistry and molecular biology of RNA,
  • structural bioinformatics,
  • nucleic acids structure calculation,
  • trinucleotide repeats,
  • RNA bulged duplexes,
  • restricted conformation of modified purine nucleosides
  • RNA quadruplexes
  • type II transmembrane serine proteases (TTSPs)
  • virus entry

Research activity

  • Cotranscriptional folding of influenza virus RNA in MDCK cells in presence of antisense oligonucleotides. A new method for next-generation sequencing based chemical mapping of RNA structure. NSC – OPUS 13 (PI: Professor Ryszard Kierzek)
  • Thermodynamic parameters and rules towards the determination of RNA folding in in vivo-like conditions. RNA folding predictions for a better understanding of structure/function in mammalian cells. NSC – OPUS 17 (PI: Professor Ryszard Kierzek)
  • Molecular basics of type II transmembrane serine proteases (TTSPs)-mediated activation of influenza viruses. NSC – Beethoven Life 1 (PI: Doctor Pawel Zmora)
  • TMPRSS2 – a potential new drug target and a determinant of COVID19 outcome. NSC – Fast Track To Fund Research On SARS-CoV-2 (PI: Doctor Pawel Zmora)
  • The G-rich sequences in the influenza A virus genome – structural features and potential biological function in viral replication cycle. NCN – SONATA 15(PI: Doctor Marta Szabat)
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