Department of Structure and Function of Retrotransposons

prof. dr hab. Wojciech Rypniewski

Dr. habil. Katarzyna Pachulska-Wieczorek

Head of Department
ext. 1193, 1236


Dr. Katarzyna Purzycka

Research activity

Research area
  • correlation between RNA structure, function, and stability in the cell
  • RNA structure changes during the RNA lifetime,
  • RNA structural elements and transitions on both 2D and 3D structure levels that specify RNA function at different stages of Ty1 retrotransposon replication
  • mechanism of genomic RNA packaging into VLPs and virions
  • RNA binding activity and function of Gag and Gag-like proteins
  • computational tools for visualization and statistical analysis of RNA structure mapping data (RNAthor)
  • modeling of RNA secondary structure with experimental data (SHAPE, DMS)
  • comparative analysis of RNA 2D models
  • control of retrotransposon movement (collaboration D.J. Garfinkel, UGA USA)
  • RNA structure
  • RNA structure probing methods
  • RNA-protein interactions
  • Structural bioinformatics
  • LTR-retrotransposons (Ty1, Ty3),
  • Retroviruses,
  • Yeast,
  • Gag
  • Arc

Research activity

  • RNA structures and interactions with Gag protein that specify Ty1 RNA functions during retrotransposon replication, NSC SONATA BIS 6
  • Arc as a neuronal Gag. Exploring the viral properties and functions of a master regulator of synaptic plasticity, NSC PRELUDIUM 18
  • Effectors of retrotransposon movement, PI: D.J. Garfinkel, Collaboration: To understand how the retrotransposon restriction factor affects RNA dynamics and structure., NIH
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