High-throughput Screening Laboratory

dr Radosław Pilarski

Dr. Radosław Pilarski

Head of Laboratory

ext. ---

Research Projects

  • high-throughput screening,
  • laboratory automation,
  • intelligent systems,
  • cell cultures,
  • biobanks,
  • reporter systems


  • Reporter systems building for plant and human cells B,
  • Transformation of human and plant cells,
  • Cell and tissue banking and storage,
  • Building chemical libraries for high-throughput screening,
  • High-throughput screening of chemical libraries,
  • Combinatorial optimization bioprocesses based on intelligent systems,
  • Automation and the throughput upscaling of experiments and biochemical analyses,
  • Cell cultures maintenance in bioreactors,
  • Production of media and supplements for cell cultures,
  • Protein production, purification and analysis,
  • Statistical analysis and data modelling.
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