Laboratory of Animal Model Organisms

dr Agata Tyczewska

Dr. Agata Tyczewska

Head of Laboratory
ext. ​1134

Research Projects

  • Caenorhabditis elegans,
  • C. elegans,
  • microinjection,
  • MediaJet,
  • Mediaclave,
  • Tissue Lyser,
  • GMO,
  • PC-100 micro needle puller,
  • nutrient media Integra,
  • biotechnology,
  • bioeconomy,
  • GMO legislation,
  • public perception of GMO,
  • intellectual property rights (IPR)


  • Nutrient media sterilization (from 1 l to 10 l)
  • Petri plates pouring, up to 900 plates per hour (Ø 35 mm, 60 mm, 90 mm)
  • Microneedle preparation
  • Microinjections (possibility to use with C. elegans, cell nuclei and cytomplasm of adherent cells, pronucleuses of fertilized mouse oocytes, Xenopus laevis oocytes, fish embryos in early development phases)
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