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Regulations (pdf in Polish)

About 4,200 books are available in the IBCH PAS Library. They are partially cataloged in the electronic version available online on the website.

The electronic catalog is successively supplemented. The library also has over 100 titles of scientific journals in print, often of unique value. Full texts of the online journals are funded by the IBCH PAS and by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

New books

Books purchased in 2020 -> (pdf)
Books purchased in 2019 -> (pdf)
Books purchased in 2018 -> (pdf)
Books purchased in 2017 -> (pdf)
Books purchased in 2016 -> (pdf)


IBCH PAS publications indexed in the Web of Science database

On-line versions of journals and books available from computers located at IBCH PAS

Note: Most of the websites also allow on-line access outside the Institute after creating an account. Instructions are available on the Virtual Science Library website.  

  • Journals published by IBCH PAS (open access):
  • Journals, books and databases available under national licenses from the "Virtual Science Library"
  • Journals, books and databases purchased by IBCH PAS:

American Chemical Society





Archival subscriptions with preserved access

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