The GRIEG grant for prof. Wojciech Rypniewski

The consortium formed by the University of Gdańsk (Leader), the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry PAS, the University of Warsaw and the University of Bergen begins to implement the GRIEG project entitled „INDEPTH. Life at the limits: diversity, adaptation strategies and bioprospecting of microbes living in Arctic deep sea habitats”.

Its main goal is to understand the microorganisms living in the depths and on the bottom of the Arctic Mid-Ocean Ridge, by deciphering the metabolic traits and biochemical/enzymological content of this hidden reservoir. Through Polish and Norwegian cooperation, it will be possible to combine expertise in extremophilic enzymes, adaptations of extremophiles, as well as ecology and bioprospecting of hot vents.

GRIEG is a joint call for proposals of research teams from Poland and Norway, financed under the EEA and Norwegian funds. The Principal Investigator from IBCH PAS is Prof. Wojciech Rypniewski. The total budget of the project is PLN 6,389,850.

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